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Daybreak Icons

You are the daybreak and I am glad

7 January
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  • daybreakicons@livejournal.com

» Give credit where credit is due. It's the internet and not to be taken too srsly, but I do spend time on these 100x100 bits of pixels and such. For an icon, I prefer it in the comments section of your icons. For background, textures or caps, just slap a link to me on a resource page!
» Please don't redistribute these anywhere, especially claiming them as your own. That's total lamesies.
» Do not change the icons/graphics in any way unless I state that they're a base and then you can totally go nuts with them. Otherwise, I worked hard and it just kind of sucks to see your graphics changed.
» If you take anything, please comment and let me know :) It's just always nice to know people appreciate something I make!

You guys have been pretty cool so far, so daybreakicons has stayed public. If I find people stealing my stuff and claiming it as their own or just dumb stuff like that, I'd have to make this private. So thank you to everyone willing to be awesome about everything :)

Please go ahead and friend this journal. I don't need to friend you back but this way when I update with new icons, I'll show up on your friends page.

I use Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 and Photoshop CS to make all of my graphics.

Textures, Brushes
- white_lilie
- tourmaline1973
- foreign_origin
- kori_ya
- cookiestome
- various people at 100x100_brushes when I was stupid enough not to save their names. Let me know, and I will credit you here.

Do you see me using one of your brushes or anything else? Not a problem, just let me know here so I can credit you.

Layout codes -- minty_peach
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